We are what we do. Our behaviour changes to reflect what we have learned - what our experiences make of us, or what we make of our experiences. Strands of behaviour become integrated within our personality to present a seamless appearance. The success of the assertiveness training will be judged when we are perceived by others as assertive. The behaviour comes across as natural. Sometimes we may even surprise ourselves. We may catch ourselves saying no to the boss without even thinking about it !

We should take credit for all the skills and competencies we have acquired. The limits on what we develop for the future are mostly ones we choose for ourselves. We are going to change, of that there is no doubt. We can go a long way to choosing the way we develop. And organisations can do a lot to help.

By becoming conscious of the learning process, by owning it and by taking responsibility for our own learning we can make change easier. Organisations help by facilitating the process, by providing time, space and the right tools. And all parties profit once change becomes something that we are, not something we just do.